September 12, 2017
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7 easy steps to become a professional Influencer

Hey you! Wanna become a professional Influencer? Here’s are some simple tips so you can live like you want to and make real money on your passion.


1.   Strategy rocks 🤘

Think about yourself as a rock star.

At the beginning, you probably won’t have any money to hire a manager, so you have to become one yourself.

If you’re thinking seriously about your influencer career, the first thing you have to do before posting even a single post on social media (SM), is your strategy. What does this mean?


Address the basics head on:

   What’s your biggest passion?

   What do you want to focus your social media profile on?

   What are your biggest assets?

   What separates you from other profiles?

   What type of content do you feel the most confident about? Writing? Filmmaking? Photography?


It may seem obvious, but you can’t skip this step. It’s the basics for everyone. Make a list and consistently remind yourself of these statements. Lists like this will be especially helpful when you start getting a lot of work proposals for different brands. Stick to your constitution.

Remember – if you don’t want to lose your audience: Only pursue proposals which are fully integrated and consistent with your statements and personal brand. It helps you to stay trustworthy and true to yourself, your audience, and thus professional.


2.   Make life easier – use influencer’s Tools ⚙️

Choose your platform(s). Your choice depends on what you want to do. Generally, there’s a rule – you need, at least, two social media platforms. One for publishing your content (it can be website, Instagram, Youtube channel) and one for communicating with your audience (Twitter, Facebook, blogging platform, etc.).

Secondly, choose couple of tools to expedite your work [MUST HAVE: top FREE influencers’ tools you have to check out]. 

Remember, “influencing” is a kind of marketing profession, so act like a true marketer – research, plan, prepare, organize, test, analyse, optimize, promote and earn money.

Of course remember about good electronic devices: an efficient laptop, a comfy smartphone with a good camera, a simple microphone and a parabolic umbrella for better shoots.


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7 easy steps to become a professional Influencer
Hey you! Wanna become a professional Influencer Here’s are some simple tips so you can live like you want to and make real...