September 12, 2017
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7 easy steps to become a professional Influencer

3.   SEO – be smart, think like a search engine 🔍

As we mentioned before, you should have at least two different social media accounts, but the best solution, in terms of SEO, is to create your profile on every one of them, not only Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, but also Twitter, Google +, LikedIn, Snapchat, and so on.

You don’t have to publish content regularly on each of them, but simply put your photo, short description and a link to your main SM account. It helps to easily find you on the Internet.

Also, you can check the best keywords (tools mentioned before) for your specific type of content and occasionally name drop them into your publications.


4. Spoil your target group 🎯

Always bear in mind your fans and followers. They’re everything to you as an Influencer. Treat them well. Treat them with respect. Never underestimate them. Always listen to them.

Be an expert in what you do and always prepare engaging content.


Try to be original and unique. Be spontaneous – prepare live videos, talk with your audience, ask them questions and answer to their doubts.


Notably, according to the indaHash influencer report “Women are the new media”, mid-tier influencers (between ) have much better engagement rates (~11%) than the most known influencers and celebrities (~1-6%)! This is thanks to the real connection and high coverage of interaction between you and your followers.

And remember – the higher your engagement rate, the more brands will want to cooperate with you!


5.  Increase your range & engagement rates (become popular!) 📈

How to get more fans? There are plenty of ways.



First of all, you can prepare a piece of really good content and make it viral. Of course it’s not easy and not everyone can do it, but if you have a real talent – go ahead, fingers crossed!

If you have absolutely no idea how to prepare viral content, stay calm and… innovative. Always follow tech and social media news. Currently, videos are social media’s number one. Especially Facebook live videos. They’re popular and Facebook gives them high priority, because people like to watch them.

Also remember to initiate interactions – follow and like other people’s SM profiles. Comment and share likes… a lot.

Never, absolutely never, fight with other influencers – co-work with them. Respect them. Like them! Together you can increase your ranges and engagement rates. You can mention them, make a video or photo with them – no matter what – this kind of promotion it’s good for you all.


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