September 12, 2017
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7 easy steps to become a professional Influencer

6.   La$t but not lea$t – monetization 💰

When you can start earning money? It depends. Usually, you have to accumulate at least, 700 fans or followers (according to indaHash’s requirements). The higher your engagement rate and the  increased quality content  – the higher your profits are.

But if you think about real money and quitting your current job to become a full-time Influencer, better wait till you get some higher ranges.

In the marketing industry, marketers say about “professional influencer” when you get around 40k fans. The best of the best, full-time influencers, get around, at least, 500k views and 100-200k fans.

Yep, that’s a lot, so you have to be patient, consistent, and consequential.

You can always try to reach brands on your own or simply wait until they find you. Of course there’s a possibility to use more an automated, faster and easier ways to co-operate with brands, for example, using indaHash 😉


7.   Legal issues – no one said it would be easy… ⚖️

It’s hard for us to describe the exact legal matters in our specific country, because there’s no such  thing like a “universal” internet law. Every country’s’ legal system differs from each other so there’s no simple recipe, but some rules seems to be international.

Of course remember to respect other’s publishers and content creator laws (copyrights). If you want to use some Internet photos – always ask the author. If there is no such possibility, always mark the content with their signature or link to its original source.

Also, in some countries (US for example), you have to mark each piece of sponsored content put online. It’s extremely important not only for legal purposes, but also while building trust with your audience.

If you start taking part in brand campaigns for money and get presents or any other form of co-operation, remember about taxes! Yes, it’s your work now, so stay legal not to get any serious trouble.

Always check in your country’s tax office if you should start your own business and how to pay taxes for it.

That could be a great moment to think about your own team. Personal accountant and manager can be a lifesavers on that stage of your influencer career.


PS Remember about the crosspromotion! ☮️️

Never get into conflicts on social media. Instead of compete – work together with other influencers. It’s the best way to get higher, organic ranges and engagement rates. Like other peoples posts, share them and tag them.

The rule is simple – always make love not war, even when it comes to social-media 🕊️ ✌️

Good luck!  🍀

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