December 16, 2016

Hundreds of empty plates to appear in social media

Why do we see more and more empty plates with a #JaStawiam [It’sOnMe] hashtag on social media? UNICEF Polska is using this unusual strategy to bring attention to malnourished children in southern and eastern Africa. The effort is supported by indaHash, a platform which, thanks to its new ability to organize charity events on a pro bono basis, has invited hundreds of influencers to participate in the campaign.

Celebrities, popular chefs, bloggers, video bloggers such as Magdalena Różczka, Tomasz Jakubiak, Mariusz Wlazły, Gimper, Kinga Paruzel, Paulina Chruściel, Blog Ojciec, Be you spirit, are already participating in the UNICEF #JaStawiam and are now being joined by hundreds of other popular users of social media who were invited to participate via the indaHash app, an international platform which automates collaboration with influencers. Thanks to this new approach, the influencers are not only participating in the campaign but are also able to engage millions of their followers to do the same.

Over 140 000 influencers, users of social media who are making a real impact on their surroundings are now registered on indaHash in 20 countries worldwide (state for December, 2016). “That’s a huge potential” says Kamil Bolek, Head of Communication at indaHash. I am extremely happy that, together with UNICEF, we can use indaHash towards this laudable goal and support similar initiatives worldwide, – Bolek adds.
Charity drives executed at the same time with thousands of popular users of social media is a new feature of indaHash, the international platform which automates collaboration with influencers. Users of the app, which already has some 140,000 accounts registered in 20 different countries, are receiving an invitation to participate in the campaign which is tagged under “charity” and receive a task to perform (e.g. post a photo of an empty plate and encourage your fans to participate in the #JaStawiam campaign). Standard payment made by brands to social media influencers may be set at ‘zero’ or it may be transferred towards a particular charity-related purpose. Thanks to this feature, the most influential and engaging users of social media are not only able to participate in the campaign and get millions of their followers to do the same, but they also contribute towards a good cause.

Joining the #JaStawiam campaign is very easy:

IndaHash was launched in early 2016. Since then the platform has run over 350 campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, P&G and L’Oreal. The application, which is now available on 20 markets in the EU, MENA and the US, has registered 140,000 social media influencers with a combined reach of nearly 300 million influencers.

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