October 16, 2019

indaHash Big Finish Of Q3 2019 Updates!

Dear Community,

indaHash is excited to present updates and developments 🥇💻 from the previous month including CAMPAIGN UPDATES featuring some inspiring content from around the globe🌎📲 as well as PRODUCT UPDATES announcing a live new market, new linguistic introductions, new dashboard upgrades, a special strategic business alliance update & more! Don’t miss it! 👍

Check out some of our favorite most recent content from influencers featuring great campaign for ZENB out of Japan, truly fall-inspired content for TK Maxx in Germany, a beautiful image for Catrice from a campaign in Belarus, as well as part of a fantastic campaign for HIVE in Poland! 🌎🌍🌏

We are proud to announce that indaHash has now entered the Portuguese market!

German language addition!
Due to a growing demand, we have decided to introduce new languages in the Brand Dashboard. You can change the language in the top right corner. and now you’ll now be able to generate campaign reports in German!

Campaign notification update!
We have decided to upgrade the notifications about published posts in a brand’s campaign. Now brands will get a direct link to an influencer’s profile on social media. This way it will be much easier to view recent content!

indaHash has established a strategic business alliance 🤝 with Transcosmos Taiwan – the award-winning company that provides comprehensive e-commerce services and has 167 locations across 30 countries 🌏 with a focus on Asia. Transcosmos hires over 35,000 employees and collaborates with the world’s biggest brands 🦈 (Xerox, Panasonic, Canon, Nestle, Coca-Cola, etc).

This cooperation will aim to match the best influencers for our clients, mostly in the cosmetics and healthy food industries, and improve the effectiveness of social media promotions focusing mainly on Instagram🤳.

We believe that our joined knowledge 👩‍🏫 and deep understanding of clients’ needs and influencer marketing industry will result in many successful campaigns 🍾🥂. Click the image below for more info!

Hajime Nomura, our Country Manager in Tokyo was featured in this month’s edition of Forbes JAPAN 💯🇯🇵

This 3-page article contains all you need to know about the power of Influencer Marketing and how indaHash is changing the landscape of digital media! What is more, the article became the cover story! 🔥🔥🔥

Last but not least, we have been excited to announce our 3rd official AMA on Reddit with our CEO, Barbara Soltysinska 👸 Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Reddit and check the answers to your questions ❔❔ about the indaHash Coin (IDH) project under this link.


We will be choosing our favourite question to win a prize package full of indaHash gear! We encourage and appreciate your engagement and participation!
Thanks for tuning in! 👍

All the best,

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