April 6, 2020

indaHash March Development Updates!

Dear Community,

indaHash is back again with impressive PR UPDATES featuring 🚨FREE TOOLS 🚨for your influencer marketing needs, and PRODUCT UPDATES that are sure to not leave you disappointed!  💁🏾‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️

See it for yourself! 🤘🏻

We have been thinking as the indaHash team, what we can do to contribute to the community during these challenging times.

We decided to give everyone 3-month complete access to 2 of our tools:

✌️ https://cococreate.io/ – a design collaboration tool that allows users to feedback graphic and video content in real-time. It improves the workflow with an intuitive sharing option. We designed it for graphic designers, video makers, marketing departments, and everyone, who is collaborating on content creation.

✌️ indahash.com/deal – it is our lite version of influencer marketing SaaS that we created for eCommerce business. Companies simply give creators free products or discounts to promote their brand. Additionally, influencers can boost sales through dedicated discount codes for their followers. We are giving you this tool for 3-months free of charge. You can access it with the code: IDHSTAYHOME.

What is more, right now we are conducting 3 charity campaigns: 2 for governmental institutions, and 1 for international NGO. If there is any valuable non-profit initiative that we could also support with a charity influencer marketing campaign, please approach us directly on DMs.

Click the image below for more info!

New influencer and audience metrics in Admin Panel an Influencer Profile

We have added a bunch of new metrics:

  • audience interests and brands,
  • percentage of notable Instagram account holders among the audience,
  • influencer interests and brands,
  • influencer paid post performance.

Credibility of the influencers 

We have added new metric – credibility of the influencer.
The info is available on:

  • Influencer discovery,
  • Influencer profile,
  • Whitelist.

Comments on Whitelist in Brand Panel have been revamped

  • Conversation between ICR Admins and Brand Users has jumped to the next level.
  • Comments can be easily edited or deleted by a client until there is no reply for a given comment. 

We are all entering difficult times with the spread of COVID-19 around the globe. Nevertheless, we are continuing to run campaigns and provide brands with world-class influencer marketing products and services. We sincerely thank indaHash influencers for continuing to cooperate with us and provide inspirational content for brands and their followers alike, brands for trusting us to support them with our professional influencer marketing services, and the indaHash team for their tremendous efforts! We are all in this together. 

 Thanks for tuning in and being a part of the indaHash community! ✌🏽

All the best,
indaHash Team

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