July 8, 2020

indaHash Updates & Developments Of June!

Dear Community,

Was it just June or is Influencer Marketing so hot right now?! indaHash is proud to bring the heat this month with PR UPDATES all the way from Japan, alongside an exclusive TikTok ReportPRODUCT UPDATES that never cease to impress our ecosystem of your favorite brands and influencers alike, and even a special announcement below! 👇👇👇

indaHash partners with Alibaba 🤝

We are very proud to say that Nikkei Asian Review, the world’s largest financial newspaper with a daily circulation exceeding three million, has acknowledged our agency for taking part in a global scale recruitment of multinational influencers and partnering with AliExpress to host hundreds of live shows targeting European shoppers since late last year.

The company aims to convert 100,000 influencers into sales ambassadors this year, increasing to 1 million by 2023, connecting its merchants with influencers from social media such as YouTube and Instagram. The main idea is to build trust directly, interact with the seller and gain a better understanding of the product. We are very excited to be one of the first in Europe to be part of such a big project and are glad that AliExpress has trusted us with this process.

Stay tuned for more! 🤘🏻

TikTok account registration available in our mobile app ✨

Creators can now link-up their TikTok accounts to our application!
It allows us to build an inventory for future campaigns conducted on this social platform.
In other news, ICR Admins can already moderate these accounts and search them in the influencer discovery tool.

Enabling Universal Campaigns creation for Self-Serve accounts ✨

From now on Self-serve Clients can create Universal Campaigns themselves!

Search by keywords and emoji in Creators bio in the Influencer discovery tab✨

We have added a new option to our Influencer Discovery. Now you can easily search accounts which have specific keywords and emoji included in their bio on Instagram! ✨
ProTip! This is a great opportunity for finding TikTok accounts that are often entered in the bio.

Great news from our team in Japan 🙌

Kodansha one of the largest Japanese publishing companies have published our AWA webinar content which focused on Evolving Influencer Marketing. Hajime Nomura our Country Manager, was one of the speakers during the event.

At indaHash we constantly try to expand, evolve and deliver the best knowledge and insights as possible. Having this in mind we are excited to announce that our Japanese team is also creating their own webinar shortly.

Read more by clicking the image below! 😎

Check out our newest report about TikTok!🙌

TikTok was the most downloaded app in Q1 2020 and along with it’’s rise⬆️ in popularity came confusion as many tried to understand the phenomenon behind the platform📲.

Despite this fact, there are still a lot of open questions❓🔎. Questions regarding the type of content published on the platform and the mechanisms of the application.

Having this in mind indaHash is proud to present it’s newest report Everything you need to know about Tiktok!🔥 An international study of over 2 000 influencers where we tried to answer some key questions:
➡The growth of TikTok in 2020 ✅
➡TikTok content 🤳🏽
➡Influencer marketing on TikTok 🎬

Click below for more info!

Thanks for tuning in! ✌🏽

All the best,
indaHash Team

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