October 15, 2021

indaStars Status Update – 15.10

Dear Community 🚨🚨🚨!

What an intense week it’s been 🔥. We would like to thank you 🙏🏻 for the remarkable commitment and testing that we managed to do together! We are very happy that our indaStars/indaHash community is keenly interested 👀⚒️ in the indaStars project. Big appreciation to everyone who gets involved and has an impact on what indaStars will be in the very near future 💜!

A brief summary ✔️:

1. Community testing started on 11.10 according to the roadmap posted on indaStars.com

2. Tests are coordinated on a closed channel on our indaStars Discord server 

3. Everyone who applied to be testers received access to the platform and can still observe the changes and its development before the public launch. To get access you can also sign up on the “General-chat” channel here – https://discord.gg/utdHRN3SZS

4. In total, from Monday to Friday, we have completed 42 development tasks

5. Community testers reported about 30 requests, bugs, etc., which were automatically transferred to the team and immediately analyzed, discussed, considered and scheduled

The most important changes / improvements that we managed to implement this week:

✅ NFT mass-distribution via creators’ profiles (deployed today – you’re welcome to test it now!):

✅ Links to senders and recipients on my wallet page (easier navigation):

✅ Minting GIFs and other files with different extensions (such as .JPG, .MP4, etc.)

✅ Increasing visibility and speed of transactions on main-net Polygon smart contracts

✅ Safari browser support

✅ Adjusted wallet visibility

✅ Resolved issues with NFT buying processes

✅ Added tooltips to clarify different functionalities

…and much more! 

In progress for upcoming weeks 👀⚒️:

* ⏳ Explore (marketplace) tab where you can check the newest collections (scheduled to be released before 21.10)

* ⏳ Twitter account verification

* ⏳ Requesting autographs – docusign-like feature, so a fan can request an NFT and after being signed by the creator, the NFT will be minted and transferred with the creator’s signature

* ⏳Adding the indaStars team involved in project development and growth on the indaStars landing page

You can learn more about plans for upcoming months by checking our roadmap 🗓️ here:


We confirm the release date of the platform on October 21st 🥳🚨🔥, which is next week, so that everyone can start registering and using the platform 👋! After the public launch, we will start onboarding influencers 🧑‍🚀 as well as recruitment and promotional campaigns 🔊!

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