September 14, 2021

indaStars Update

Dear Community,

indaHash is excited to continue its journey towards developing the world’s first influencer NFT collection cards platform for engaged audiences! Our vision is to enable the influencer marketing world this unique opportunity with ⭐️ indaStars ⭐️, and we are excited to work with industry leaders to help turn this vision into reality.

Don’t forget to check out our latest update announcing partnership with Venly, a blockchain technology provider creating tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology! indaHash is excited to integrate their wallet & NFT API solutions for indaStars! We are continuing to work very closely with our new partner to bring more exciting features and create a project with huge potential!

⭐️ Click the image below for more info! ⭐️

⭐️ indaStars Roadmap Updates ⭐️

In efforts to ensure the highest quality of project development, we are now postponing the launch of the Private beta version for the second half of September and will be updating our roadmap and indaStars Landing Page along with it!

Stay tuned for more updates by regularly checking the indaHash blog and ⭐️ indaStars ⭐️landing page by clicking the image below!

Stay tuned for more updates! ✌🏽

All the best,
indaHash Team

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