May 12, 2021

Introducing ⭐️ indaStars ⭐️ By indaHash

First influencer NFT playing cards platform boosted by IDH tokens!

Dear Community,

As announced, we are coming back to you with the most ambitious indaHash Coin project that we are excited to already be implementing. As it engages large influencer audiences, we believe this could be one of the most promising projects in the entire crypto space.  

We are proud to present our new project – indaStars!

What is it? 

In one sentence, indaStars is an NFT playing cards platform for influencers and their communities which will enable:
⭐️ playing ⭐️ collecting ⭐️ exchanging ⭐️ trading 

with influencers’ NFT cards.  

indaStars is the first NFT-based platform to engage followers and creators by gamification, where they will be able to not only collect but also play with them and have fun together. Last but not least they are given an opportunity to support in creators they truly believe in. This will give large audiences a possibility not only to participate in card package airdrops, but allow them to play with the cards and have fun within the community! Users will also be enabled to build closer relationships with creators they love along with a stunning playable collection! 

Why we do it?

⭐️ There are no NFT-based playing cards projects dedicated for influencers

⭐️ Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen Alpha love to collect, play and invest in having fun online

⭐️ Influencers are looking to engage in different ways with their audience and monetize it

⭐️ Brands love to make innovative stuff in partnership with influencers

How will it work exactly?

1. From an influencer’s perspective

As an influencer, one will be able to apply to have a card in a specific NFT card set. The value of the card will depend on the pack, reach and engagement of influencer and additionally votes given by the community on the platform. 

Card packs will be issued in different ways:

  • card sets coming from different influencers in the same category like sports, gaming, pranks etc. 
  • cards coming from one specific influencer as a special set
  • cards coming from brands and influencers

2. From a fan’s perspective:

As a fan you’ll be able to collect a 52 unique NFT card set in order to play with your friends or random people on the platform. You’ll be able to build your NFT card collection by buying, exchanging and trading! Some special competitions are planned as well!

We will also introduce aftermarket opportunities. While collecting a set you’ll be able to exchange cards with the community on our aftermarket in order to build a dream-set in the category you love. 

Predict the future

As the value of the card will depend on different indicators like pack edition, influencer reach, engagement rate and community votes, we will let you play and predict it. Everyone who will have the best accuracy will win!

From the gaming market point of view 

As a platform provider we are planning to share an open API where external developers will be able to create dedicated games both for the standard 52 unique NFT card sets and for specific creators’ unique characteristics. Imagine a playable NFT card universe which can grow and change together with you!

Use cases

So let’s start with an example. Let’s imagine you’re an influencer and you want to increase your audience engagement but also think how to extract additional value from your social efforts.

  • With indaStars you can apply to participate in a unique NFT-card package 
  • You can suggest your card design
  • You can decide if you allow your fans to send you messages if they buy your card
  • The platform will automatically determine unique card characteristics and powers

The gaming possibilities of such a platform are endless. It’s not only about collecting, but about gaming as a new way of NFT engagement:

⭐️ You collect a unique 52 card set

⭐️ You can exchange or trade your cards

⭐️ You can choose which games you want to play with other community members

⭐️ You can share your collection with friends 

⭐️ You can run live streams playing with your deck

And even more!

And the most important part – you don’t have to have any specific crypto knowledge or be a crypto expert – you can do everything with your credit card, too! 

As simple as that! The NFT gaming universe starts. Everyone who registers can apply and collect a unique NFT card set and pay in indaHash Coin (IDH) (converted from USD or other cryptos). This is where the fun begins. Imagine that an influencer that you like runs a livestream and you can play with him/her only if you have his/her card in your deck! The game can actually fire up your social profile as your idol can like your profile on Instagram and interact with you during the live-streaming game!

Even if you don’t win – you have the opportunity to get closer with influencers and other followers during the games and participate in the drawing of prizes for people who were closest to the winning one. An influencer can, in turn, monetize their time and commitment in a whole new way, by having fun and building new types of relationships.

Now the key question arises – how does indaHash Coin work here? Well, indaHash Coin (IDH) is a “token”, and will be like the platform fuel. Every dollar, or other cryptos, paid by community users is planned to be automatically converted into indaHash Coin (IDH) according to its current valuation on exchanges. Users will see the tokens in their wallet in order to buy and trade cards and card sets. Prices of these cards and card sets may range from fractions of one indaHash Coin (IDH) to even tens of thousands (or more) of indaHash Coin (IDH) for a selected card based on its rarity and uniqueness. 

After the card set distribution, the influencer will be able to either withdraw the received indaHash Coin (IDH) tokens or convert them to dollars through the platform. Knowledge of cryptocurrencies will not be required at all to use our app and have fun. Platform will run on Matic (Polygon) network so transaction fees will be extremely low. With staking opportunities and a growing cryptocurrency industry, we’ll do our best to keep a vast amount of IDH within the platform! 

Additionally we will encourage platform users to help us grow the platform and use it more regularly by giving them tokens for specified activities. Incentives for staking:

⭐️ You will be able to participate in exclusive airdrops

⭐️ You will be able to buy cards with growing discounts

⭐️ You will be able to buy very rare cards (available only for token holders)

Our Roadmap

⬇️ Landing preview (to be released in the coming weeks) ⬇️

Stay tuned! ✌🏽

All the best,
indaHash Team

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