November 12, 2019

October Updates at indaHash

Dear Community,

indaHash is back again to present influencer marketing’s best updates 🥇💻 from October including CAMPAIGN UPDATES showcasing some of our favorite content from influencers 🌎📲 HR UPDATES showing how we got down this past Halloween 🎃PR UPDATES featuring indaHash CEO, Barbara Sołtysińska 🦄 speaking at the “I ❤️ Marketing” event, a brand new report on The Influence of Books and more! 👍

This month we are proudly presenting some of our favorite content produced by influencers from around the world! 📸Click on the images below to see even more of their content and be sure to follow them on Instagram! 📲🎉

indaHash CEO Barbara Sołtysińska 🦄 spoke at the “I ❤️ Marketing” conference – one of the most important events 🌟 in the field of Digital Marketing!

Barbara talked about the difficulties of operating business over multiple markets where local customs and religious traditions are a very important part of national identity ☄️. As a true influencer marketing expert 🕵️‍♀️, she shared her experience running campaigns all around the world and handling a great variety of cultures! 🤯🌪

We have recently published another insightful report about the book industry! 📚 🥰

We found out not only that publishing houses like to choose influencers’ help when promoting books 🤝 but also 80% of influencers simply enjoy sharing good books with their followers! What’s more, 71% of our respondents made use of a recommendation published by their friends on social media! 💬

Check out our blog post to get to know more details by clicking the link below the following image! ⬇️💡

Thank you all for participating in the latest official Reddit AMA with indaHash CEO, Barbara Soltysinska! We have respectfully chosen Aaranan’s question focused on indaHash’s planned implementation of blockchain and smart contracts as our favorite! 🏆Thank you all for your questions and engagement! 👍🏼

See our publication on indaHash blockchain based campaigns by clicking the following link below the next image!

We appreciate the continuous support from our community and look forward to delivering even more updates next time! Stay tuned!

All the best,
indaHash Team

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