October 12, 2017
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A quick history of Influencer Marketing

What’s still to come?

A new era of Influencer generated Content (IGC) has just begun.

In September 2017, Pinterest launched  “Pin Collective” – a group of professional influencers helping brands prepare perfect content for their campaigns.

At the same time, a new Cost Per Content (CPCon) pricing model enabled brands to conduct campaigns in a completely new way, allowing them to buy content prepared, but not posted, by an influencer.

Nothing to be surprised about – as indaHash stats show, IGC is on average 5-12x more engaging than content generated by a brand itself.

Secondly, on the basis of new trends in Influencer Marketing, we can say that it’s heading towards a new model of… advertising.

The biggest brands in the World have started using influencers recommendations to help their clients make purchasing decisions exactly at the moment of buying or booking products and services.

Example: in 2017, Amazon’s Affiliate launched programs like “Amazon Spark” or new Influencer’s Program, which allows clients to buy products directly via Instagram-like posts or dedicated influencers’ links.

As indaHash Chief Growth Officer, Joanna Pawluk, says “Influencer Marketing’s ultimate goal is to make a consumer buy a product based on a recommendation from a person he follows and likes, exactly at the moment of purchase or reservation.”


Want to learn more? Stay tuned: “A quick look into Influencer Marketing future” will appear soon!

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