May 7, 2020

The New Normal: How social media will change in 2020?

TikTok is the new king of the internet, the most downloaded app of 2020! 44% of influencers want to do more live streams and 35% of millennials are listening to more podcasts! Here is how social media will change in 2020. 

COVID-19 transformed our lives in recent months. Influencers are seeing an increase in engagement on their social media profiles, but at the same time, many companies restrict their marketing budgets and put advertising activities on hold. Many are asking the questions, are influencer marketing campaigns still relevant during a pandemic and how will social media landscape change in 2020? 🧐❓

In times of uncertainty and in order to survive, marketers worldwide are forced to rethink their messaging and strategies to make sure that their campaigns are not only relevant but sensitive as well 👩‍💻 👨‍💻. The roles and rules for influencers, brands and agencies have significantly changed in the last 3 months and indaHash decided to investigate these changes 🕵️‍♀️. The result is the “Influencer Marketing COVID-19 Handbook📖💪, a profound research and analysis of the current state of influencer marketing industry based on:

  • An international survey held in April 2020 of 3500 digital creators, between ages of 18-46 from 61 different countries 
  • 14 in-depth interviews with industry experts from the UK, Singapore, Portugal, Poland, Indonesia, South Africa, and Germany 
  • indaHash’s expertise as one of the leading influencer marketing companies in the world

This study is meant to act as guidelines on influencer marketing during this crisis and can help businesses to alter and adjust their marketing needs amidst times of significant disruption.

Some of our most interesting findings ☝️🧠: 

  • Social media consumption increased by 89% post COVID-19 outbreak
  • Over last 2 months popularity of hashtag #homeworkouts increased by 20%
  • 69% of influencers noticed an increase in their engagement rates in recent weeks
  • Consumption of online content increased by 80% in Q1 2020
  • Everyone wants to bake bread! Sales of yeast increased by 457% in 2020 
  • 63% of influencers receive feedback from their followers asking them about quarantine related tips and advice 

Some of the questions answered in the “Influencer Marketing COVID-19 Handbook” 📖🤝:

  • How has media consumption of different generations changed due to COVID-19? 
  • What is the most downloaded social media app in 2020?
  • How has influencer marketing changed due to COVID-19?
  • Which social media platform does consumers consider most reliable?
  • What are the current quarantine-friendly social media trends? 
  • Should you run an influencer marketing campaign during COVID-19? 
  • How to run a successful influencer marketing campaign during a pandemic? 

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